Stephanie L. Pitcher

Character and Prop Designer

Art Creation Skills


- Character design

- Prop design

- 2D animation
- User interface art

- Concept art

- Traditional art

- Digital illustration

- Digital coloring

- Style matching

- Graphic design

- Adobe Photoshop

- Adobe Illustrator

- Adobe Premiere Pro

- Microsoft Word


True Tail                                 Character and Prop Artist                                 July 2017 - Present

Skynamic Studios

Animated Show

(In Development)

- Character illustration

- Prop design

- Illustration clean-up

- Marketing and social media concept designs

- 2D animation

- Illustration and coloring for holiday comic

Midgard Saga                        Environment and Prop Artist                                  6 months, 2013


Turn-Based Strategy Game

Team of 15

- Character concept designs

- Prop concept designs

- Health bar and action icon designs

- Modeling and texturing of several self-standing     
  environment pieces and props

- Modeling, rigging, skinning and animating of several
  environment pieces


University of                           Master of Arts                                August 2015 - December 2018
Nebraska - Lincoln                                                                                         

Lincoln, NE                            Fashion Design

Nebraska Wesleyan                Teaching Certification                              August - December 2014


Lincoln, NE                            K-12 Art

Guildhall at SMU                    Master of Interactive Technology               August 2012 - May 2014

Plano, TX                              Digital Art Creation

Nebraska Wesleyan                Bachelor of Arts                                    August 2008 - May 2012


Lincoln, NE


Master's Project                      The Effects of Female Character Armor On World Immersion      2018

University of
Nebraska - Lincoln

- Conducted study and created exhibition on how female avatars and their digital garments may be better designed to more accurately and creatively represent the female gamers who use them. Focused on the use of body scanning and 3D printing to develop a collection of digital and miniature form avatar garments that represent the diversity in female gamer body types and provide examples of how female gamers wish to be represented via their game avatars.

Master's Project                      The Effects of Female Character Armor On World Immersion      2014

The Guildhall at SMU

Plano, TX

- Conducted study examining whether video game players prefer a realistic amount of physical coverage from the armor their character uses in games, versus armor that is only aesthetically pleasing.

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