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The Art of the Avatar: An Exploration of Female Aesthetics In Video Games

Completed at The University of Nebraska - Lincoln in 2018.

Featured on the front page of the Lincoln Journal Star on 12/13/2018. View here.
Featured in UNL's Nebraska TodayView Here.


This study was conducted to investigate how female avatars and their digital garments may be better designed to more accurately and creatively represent the female gamers who use them. This project and exhibition display focused on the use of body scanning and 3D printing to develop a collection of digital and miniature form avatar garments that represent the diversity in female gamer body types. Collaboration with female gamers provided examples of how female gamers wish to be represented via their game avatars.

The Effects of Female Character Armor On World Immersion

Completed at The Guildhall at SMU​ in 2014.

This study was conducted to examine whether video game players prefer female armor that appears to provide physical protection, or armor that is only meant to be aesthetically pleasing.


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